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I have worked with Larry Padilla and his family of artists on two Maui homes. Each project has included custom copper driveway gates, additional walk through gates and a number of pieces of functional art. Larry is great with the individual concerns of the client and follows through with every last detail until it is 100% complete. The result has always been wonderful, unique and just what we wanted. His work is nothing short of incredible and I would highly recommend Larry to any one who is looking for the best in creative metal work!

John and Leontina Elder



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Lotus Ginger  

This stunning Lotus Ginger is an admirable sculpture both during the day and at night.

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Brass Wave Design  

This banister was designed to maximize the beautiful view and at the same time provide a reliable safe banister and hand rail. Fabricated from solid brass the subtle flow design and light bronze patina finish blend naturally with the surroundings and backgrounds. A perfect design for those balconies, patios and decks where you do not want to disturb the views.

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